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Staff Photographers
David Willoughby

David's Galleries
I am a local Bellingham photographer handling many types of photography. While I love to shoot everything from weddings to events, I really thrive photographing sporting events. I don't know about you, but for me there is not much that can beat the smell of fresh cut grass on a cool crisp fall Friday evening standing on the 50 with a camera!

I have been making photos since I was 17 years old, getting started at North Kitsap High School with a photography class. After graduation, I continued my new found love and turned my creative expression in to a college education. I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Visual Communications: Graphic Arts and Photography in the spring of 1993. My final college project was an internship with the Bellingham Herald as a photographer.

I am pleased to continue developing photography and a photographers community with www.WPANetwork.com through out Northwestern Washington. If you have any photography or photo order questions, or to find out how to contribute your photographic passion to the WPANetwork please email me at David.Willoughby@WPANetwork.com

Thanks again for your time!

David :)

David Willoughby
Director of Photography
Howard Hawk

Howard's Galleries
Vancouver, WA based, I am a photographer interested in several types of photography. I have enjoyed looking at and taking pictures since I was a teenager. In 2012 I began taking photography much more seriously when my wife gave to me my first DSLR for our 10th wedding anniversary. That is when the enjoyment of capturing and sharing moments in time truly began for me. Since 2012 I have focused on learning many types of photography ranging from landscapes, architecture, abstract, portraiture, and action sports. Action sports and portraiture have captured my interest the most as I truly enjoy working with people as photographic subjects. Playing and watching live sports have always been my passion. Being able to capture moments of people competing for a common goal, to me, brings together the sports and human aspects of photography. Over the last 6 years I have spent a lot of time traveling and capturing moments for and getting to know the families of a few local baseball organizations, East Vancouver Venom Pop Warner football, as well as Shahala Middle School football. While photographing sports began for me while attending all of my sons baseball and football games over the last several years, the interest has grown significantly, as I have met so many people who truly enjoy seeing quality images of their children on the field. This mutual enjoyment has driven me to keep shooting photos, and continues to motivate me to shoot even away from my sons games. My services are available for senior photos, family photos, event photos, and action sports photos. I also offer prints of my landscape and abstract work. For pricing and availability, please call or email as I am not set up to sell directly from my website at this time. You can find my contact and website information here: Howard Hawk (360) 239-4210 Synergy2488@yahoo.com https://howardhawkphotography.smugmug.com/ https://www.facebook.com/howard.hawk.102
Jeff Gulliford

Jeff's Galleries
My name is Jeff Gulliford, raised in Vancouver, WA and a Washington native. In the 1980’s, I competed as a multi-sport athlete in a local high school and appreciate the value that athletics plays in the life of an student and their family. My wife and I have 3 children who have competed in high level athletics from childhood to high school. Because life is a journey to be enjoyed and shared with others, I’ve discovered the power of storytelling through pictures. Photography is my artistic canvas to “Capture Moments, Create Memories and Celebrate a Story”.

I’ve explored photography for 25 years and over the past 10 years adventured into sports action photography, I’ve developed the technique of capturing personalized sports action moments to share with kids, families and coaches.. In addition, I’ve expanded my artistry into capturing moments for senior portraits in natural outdoor environment.

I currently live in Vancouver, Washington and have traveled throughout the state to shoot personalized sports action events from Spokane to Seattle. In 2012, I traveled as a team photographer with Pop Warner Bull Dogs to California and Florida for the Pop Warner ESPN Pee Wee Championships. More recently, I travel with Mountain View High School Athletes to several local and regional sporting events as their team photographer.

I typically capture indoor and outdoor events throughout the year from low light gyms to evening games under the lights. For Senior Portraits, I typically shoot on weekends throughout the year when lighting and weather permits.

As an athlete and photographic artist, I’ve discovered the power of pictures to capture personal experiences, communicate stories and build memories that last a lifetime. With every session or event, my intent is to capture each individual in an authentic, natural experience that expresses who they are in the moment.

If your interested in a personalized photo shoot for individuals, groups, families or teams, please feel free to contact me through email or phone at jkgulli@comcast.net or 360-606-8792. To review m work, please visit my website and review my work at jkgulliphotography.smugmug.com

I look forward to celebrating your story while capturing your moments and memories.



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